Most of my work for CERIC is in content planning and editing, and when I write, it’s usually for social media, marketing or in listicle-style pieces. However, sometimes I get the opportunity to dive deeper to explore topics that matter most to our readers.

Principals Have a Key Role to Play in Unlocking The Impact of Career Education (Canadian Association of Principals Journal)

How COVID-19 is affecting rural communities across Canada (Careering Magazine)

Are career professionals ready for the challenges facing the field? (CareerWise)

Accessible Experiential Learning: The Key to Student Success in the Future of Work (Career Convergence Magazine)

Resources for Canada’s career professionals navigating COVID-19 (CareerWise) (While this is a listicle, it’s one that I am particularly proud of. Within a week of lockdown, I released this extensively researched resource page to our readers to help them navigate a challenging time, and kept it updated over the next couple of months. I also learned how to code a table of contents with jump links!)

Alzheimer Society of Oxford

I worked as a freelance writer for the Alzheimer Society from 2017-2019, telling the stories of those fundraised and volunteered for the cause to show appreciation for their efforts and encourage more people to get involved. I took care to make each person’s story shine and to understand the meaning behind their contribution, which often derived from a personal connection to the disease.

Margaret Webber’s dedication to the Alzheimer Society is far from garden variety

Boost your fundraising by hosting multiple Coffee Breaks

Alzheimer’s diagnosis fuels Carmen Holbrough’s fundraising


Running the clock on fair response

The Record Technology Spotlight Magazine

Microchip would alert patient and surgeon when something goes wrong

Plum’s hiring tool measures attitude as well as intelligence

Helping contractors manage change

Daily Xtra

Liberal Bill Morneau takes Toronto Centre

Toronto LGBT mural defaced with hate graffiti – again


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