About Me

Hello! I’m a Toronto-based editor and writer. I got my start here in journalism, and then made the leap into the non-profit sector, seeking to be involved in work that takes a different approach to strengthening our communities. Currently, I am the Lead, Content, Learning and Development for the charitable organization CERIC. I’ve been able to apply my skills in new ways, from cultivating relationships with sectoral partners and writers, to leading the content strategy development for a new publication, to designing a brand-cohesive grid for a new Instagram account.

On the side, I’m excited to be working toward a Certificate in Food Security from Ryerson University. Food insecurity intersects with many other significant issues: poverty, affordable housing, racism, climate change, health. It’s a crucial issue of our time and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn from people working to move the needle on these challenges.

Outside of work, I like to spend my time reading, exploring my city’s beautiful pockets of nature and trying out new recipes.

lindsaypurchase[at]gmail.com | LinkedIn | Twitter

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