Instagram account development

I don’t personally use Instagram, so when CERIC decided to create an account to connect with our CareerWise readers, I knew it would be an exciting challenge for me. I started by taking a course, “Learning Instagram,” to brush up on the basics. I consulted with colleagues and researched best practices for designing a grid, developing a posting schedule and driving engagement.

My challenge was to create a grid that would be visually engaging, align with our brand and bring awareness to our website content. I developed a grid in Photoshop relying heavily on quote posts to showcase our writers’ work while minimizing our use of stock images. With some tweaks based on my colleagues’ feedback, the grid was a go.

Screenshot of Instagram account grid.
Screenshot of Instagram account grid.
Screenshot of Instagram post. Teal background with white text: Nearly one-third of Canadian workers are in occupations projected to change.
Screenshot of post text: Preparing for the world of work in 2030: By Yasmin Rajabi

Developing the account and subsequently creating posts and stories has been a fun creative outlet for me and a great learning experience to connect with our readers in new ways. I’ve also been thrilled with the account’s growth. Over the first six months, the account has seen an average monthly follower growth rate of over 20%. I expect this strong growth to continue, as I explore paid social options to promote posts, refresh our grid and engage people through our fun, creative approach to stories.


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