Welcome to my website

Well, it has finally happened: lindsaypurchase.com is a thing. Creating a website has been a goal of mine for awhile. For a young journalist, or more broadly people working in the media industry, it seems that having a website/blog is somewhat of rite of passage. I wanted a space to showcase my portfolio online and I also wanted to keep up writing over the summer.

Before getting started here, I took some basic coding courses online through codecademy.com. What I had hoped to do was gain enough knowledge to build a website from the bottom-up so that I could customize it to my needs and style. Didn’t exactly happen that way. 1. I probably need some more time to really learn coding in-depth before being able to build a website, and I wanted to get started blogging ASAP. 2. Being able to create that kind of website costs more money than I’m willing to spend at this point. So I spent hours trying and rejecting different WordPress themes, becoming increasingly frustrated with how rigid it is, and finally landed on this one. It’s not perfect, and I’d change things if I had the flexibility to do so, but it gets the job done. I have had some issues with translating the theme to different browsers, so if you’re having trouble seeing certain tabs on the menu, let me know and I’ll to fix it.

I’m not sure exactly what this blog will be yet. I’ve had two in the past for trips to Togo and to Ghana, but those were very specifically about my work and travel experiences. This will likely be a combination of a couple things: thoughts on current events and my experiences as a recent grad searching for employment, at least for the time being. Mainly it’s an opportunity for me to keep writing, but hopefully you get some enjoyment from it as well. I look forward to your comments and feedback! Let’s see how this goes.

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